Luthiers Exchanging Information

The Mid-Atlantic Luthiers is an association of stringed instrument makers of all skill levels, from beginners and hobbyists to full-time professionals, who meet to exchange information and further the art while spending time with others that share their passion. There are no fees to join.

Meetings are on held on the third Sunday every other month beginning January.

Mid-Atlantic Luthiers' headquarters is The GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA. Meeting are held in the Wood Shop.

For more information about the Mid-Atlantic Luthiers, email

The GoggleWorks Wood Shop is a wonderful resource for woodworkers of all types and skill levels, from beginner to expert, in all styles of woodworking. Whether you wish to build guitars or other musical instruments, make furniture, carve or turn projects on a lathe it can all be done here. Instructors are available to help you learn safe techniques with hand & power tools and woodworking machines. An array of wood-working classes offer extended study in various techniques. "Open Shop" time can be scheduled if you just need a place to work on your own projects.

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